How to fit after 30 years of age?

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. This is a common phrase that defines that a healthy mind needs a healthy body which requires lots of dedication and hard work towards a body. Mental health and physical health both are connected. If you are mentally and physically strong, you will be more productive and happiest. 

Nowadays, fitness has become a lifestyle. People between the age of 18-30 years spend hours in the gym or yoga centre to stay fit followed by exercise and a healthy lifestyle. 

Do you know? Ageing is a process that comes with different effects for everyone. Some experience it sooner rather than later. Those who are inactive can lose as much as 3 to 5 per cent of their mass per decade after 30. In this article, we are going to discuss how one can stay healthy after their 30s? 

If you have hit your 30s, you need to take extra care of yourself. At this age, certain hormonal changes begin in the body causing loss of muscle, reduction in bone density, maximal oxygen uptake and loss of functional capacity, which affects how and how often you move throughout the day. Due to this, one should follow some healthy diet programme and exercise to control over your body and health. These are:-

  1. Take at least one hour from your busy lifestyle

Try to take out time from your busy schedule to train yourself. Try to give yourself at least an hour, it will make you more productive at work and also improve your sexual life. 

2. Focus on nutrition

Focus on nutrition as part of which you need to avoid sugary energy drinks - Cold Drinks, Sodas and anything that contains sugar. It will suck up your energy, store fat and drop your testosterone levels. Some foods will raise your testosterone levels - Beans, oysters, egg yolks etc. 

3. Warm-Up

As the ageing process begins, the flexibility of the body decreases. To strengthen your muscles and body, you first need to do a warm-up before working out. 

4. Meditation

You do not need to go on top of the Himalayas to meditate. You just need to spare 10 minutes from your busy schedule to sit quietly. It will reduce all of your stress that causes all health issues. Meditation decreases stress, anxiety, lower blood pressure and removes toxins in the body. 

5. Yoga

Do yoga. It will improve your mental health, flexibility, strengthen your muscles, improve blood circulation and sleep. 

6. Intake water after a workout

Experts recommend people should have water after working out because the body has the least amount of stored glycogen. Your muscles are ready to take in whatever you want to give them- protein, curd, milk, protein etc after a workout. 

7. Stand Up More

Excessive sittings impact our metabolic system. It will also lead you to death and obesity. People having desk jobs spend hours while working. They should walk for 10 minutes after sitting for 1 hour continuously.